Fix headphone plug own hands

You there headphone plug. Served it to you pretty long, eg, several months. Here suddenly it fails. what to do in such situation? About and is article.
You probably may seem, that mending headphone plug - it elementary it. However this really not quite so. Many cubs enough strongly wrong, underestimating difficulty this actions. But only not should panic. Permit this problem help persistence and zeal.
For sure my advice seem unusual, but sense ask himself: whether it is necessary fix broken headphone plug? may more rational will buy new? Think, there meaning least learn, how money is a new headphone plug. For it possible just make desired inquiry finder, eg, or yahoo.
If you decided own forces do fix, then first must learn how do repair headphone plug. For these objectives one may use yahoo, or look archive issues magazines type "Skilled master", "Himself master".
I think you do not nothing spent their efforts and this article least little could help you solve this task.
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